Monday, March 22, 2010


Colby's car has been sitting on my back patio for over a year. It doesn't run. Colby had forgotten to put oil in it and the engine is bad. I also cannot find the keys to it. Not sure I ever had them. There are are still piles and piles of his stuff in his room and in the basement. It is possible the keys are there. Somewhere.

The car has become a fixture on the patio. The dog sits under it when it is cold and wet outside and the neighbor's cat sits on top of it when it is sunny. Still, it accomplishes no other purpose than that. I need to get rid of it. Colby liked Pull-A-Part, a place where you can walk through rows of junked cars and pull parts from them (for a small fee) or sometimes get things left inside the cars, such as CDs and clothes, and you can get those for free. The car, I think, should go there.

I call AAA, but towing to a junk yard is not part of their emergency road service. So I call other tow services and am shocked at the prices. I spend half a day doing this, then frustrated, throw up my hands. I try to do with Colby's things as he would have wanted me to, but this is not working out with the car and Pull-A-Part. I throw up my hands and ask Colby, out loud, what I should do with the car.

An hour later I get an email from a friend of Colby's who asks if I still have the car. He offers to buy it so he can restore it. He has the knowledge to do so, but I will not let him purchase the car. Instead, I give it to him. I see how pleased he is with the car and I am very happy about it, too. We both believe that this is what Colby wanted.

The car is now gone, awaiting repairs from Colby's friend. The dog has found a new spot under a patio chair and the neighbor's cat sits on top.


  1. Hi Lisa, My son is Colby's friend that you talk about here. Thank you for your kindness to him. I've never met you, but I've cried for you many times since hearing of Soda's death & my Bible study girls have prayed for you.
    I'll check in on you through the blog at times & will keep abreast of "Colby's Army" now that I know about it.You're still in my prayers...

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I am so very thrilled about the entire situation. it could not have worked out more perfectly. Thank you so much for the prayers and please thank your Bible study group, too. Whenever it seems as if I cannot go on, I feel all the prayers around me. It helps so very much. Your son is a very personable and courageous young man and I am praying for him, too.