Monday, December 20, 2010


I dream of Colby. It has been a long time since I dream of him so vividly. Months. Many months. In the dream Colby tells me that when he was here on Earth the brain in his body was wired differently than other people's brains. He saw the world through different eyes. I explain to him about schizophrenia and he says yes, that was his brain. He wants people to know that he was very smart. He is afraid people will remember him as dumb when in fact his brain was light years ahead of most of ours. He just could not cope with the differences in his brain, which were hereditary. I tell him that I was aware of Colby's intelligence, as was everyone who knew him. He is relieved.

Colby then says he likes the blue star. I have to think about that, about what he means. Then it dawns on me that the logo for Colby's Army, the nonprofit organization founded to finish the work here on Earth that Colby could not, is in the shape of a blue star. I had not considered it a star before. It was simply a shape that Colby drew over and over again when he was small. But it is. It is a star. And it is blue.

Then Colby says he loved the tree his friends and I planted in his memory. He tells me he was there that day, that he was the one who put the idea of the tree planting in my mind. Colby wants to know if we intentionally got a tree related to the goddess Artemis. After I wake up I look that up and find that Artemis is affiliated with the cypress tree. The tree we planted for Colby was a Leyland Cypress.

Colby also shares with me that my life theme is to be a peace bringer, that I am to help people look at the world through different glasses, to open their minds to ideas that are different that what they might currently perceive. He says he will help me in this and that he is here with me often.

Then Colby tells me he is curious about his death. He says he does not remember much about it other than he just fell asleep and there were beams of light and angels around him. When the angels asked him to go with them, he went. He is very happy where he is now. He says he can see the big picture and is pleased about what will come in the future for people on Earth.

Before the dream ends Colby becomes very excited and jumps up and down. He tells me I will write a book with someone who is very famous and the book will do very well. He won't tell me who the famous person is even though he knows. He wants it to be a surprise and says it will be a big one.

Colby has to go, he says. It takes a lot of his energy to visit me in this way. But he wants me to know that he loves me and is proud of me. We hug and I feel his presence intensely. When I wake up I have a sense of peace . . . and a purpose.

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  1. As I read this entry I remember my mom, who I lost when I was 19 years old. I grieved very hard for her in those months following her passing, I wanted very badly to know that she was no longer in pain and was in a better place. Like Colby my mom came to me in a dream. I remember going through a door in some anonymous building and looking up a long flight of stairs to the landing. There on the landing stood my mom accompanied by my pony Missy and her dog Whiskers, both of whom had passed some time before. Unlike Colby, my mom didn't say a word, but looked down on me with a peaceful smile on her face. I understood at that point that she had found peace in a place with no pain or worries. A place where she reunited with those loved ones who made the journey before her. Although I will always miss my mom, I no longer worry about her.

    I have always believed that she found a way to communicate with me that would not frighten me. I feel like Colby has done the same, only he was compelled to be more active in having a conversation with you. I envy you that. I am glad that he did that. I know how much you miss him. I just wanted to share that with you.