Thursday, May 6, 2010


I watch news coverage about our recent flooding here in Nashville. So many have lost everything they own. Everything. Thinking about the deep loss hundreds, thousands of people are experiencing makes me feel shaky. It brings me back to the early days when Colby's loss was so fresh and new. That's a terrible place to be.

It also reminds me that in my quest to sort through Colby's "stuff" I need to make sure the important things––photos, legal and other important documents, treasured memorabilia––are kept in a safe place. This means a fireproof/waterproof box, along with copies of everything that is possible to copy in a separate safe location on a different property.

This is an important task not only for me to do, but for everyone to do. Our flood has certainly shown those of us here in Nashville that disaster can strike in an instant. In a few seconds, everything you have can be destroyed. I've lost my son, I don't need to lose my most treasured mementos of him, too.

In the past few days I have gone back to feeling quite overwhelmed and the thought of the time involved to organize these things that are so important to me makes me want to curl up into a little ball and hide. I go back to my mantra of breaking large jobs into small tasks. On the Internet I find many sites that recommend taking photos of treasured items and then storing those files on your computer and also on several back up discs that could be kept at another home or in a safe deposit box. I can do photos. One thing at a time. Having a plan always makes me feel better.

My thoughts and prayers to all victims of the Nashville flood.

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