Friday, August 28, 2009


Another bill collector called today regarding a debt of Colby's. Why do they not believe me when I say he has passed away? Why do they have to be belligerent? Rude? Angry, aggressive, threatening? This latest one even called me a liar. The stress of losing a child is enough. I don't need to be called a liar on top of it. Why do they laugh when I offer to send them a copy of Colby's death certificate?

This bill collector will not tell me who he represents. He will not tell me how much the bill is for. He insists he speak to Colby. I tell him again that Colby has passed away, that Colby was homeless. I tell him Colby left no estate, nothing of value other than personal mementos that are only of importance to his friends and to me. I offer to get him the number of the Medical Examiner's office, of the mortuary. The man threatens me with police action and hangs up. The whole situation upsets me so much I begin to shake and have to sit down.

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